Medical Staffing - Amuri Community Health Centre

Currently Amuri Community Health Centre is actively seeking a permanent full-time doctor, we currently do not employ a full-time doctor.

Amuri Health Centre is confident that a suitable candidate will emerge and is committed to preserving quality medical services for the district.

The Amuri Health Centre has relied on several individual doctors to maintain services.

Recently one locum doctor advised that he would not be available from late September as he was temporarily relocating to the North Island for family reasons. He has taken up a short-term position in a medical practice in Kapiti. He will be returning next year and may or may not be available in mid-February.

Another locum doctor has been available two full days a week as part of an arrangement with the Hanmer Medical Centre. This arrangement was brought into being as part of the revised after-hours doctor on call service based in Hanmer. Unfortunately, the Hanmer Medical Centre has now advised that it requires that doctor full time and the arrangement has been terminated effective from mid-October.

A semi-retired doctor continues to be available two full days a week for normal clinics as well as running specialist skin clinics from time to time.

Another part time doctor has been available on a restricted basis, and this arrangement comes to conclusion in mid-October.

A female doctor has been recruited and will be available two full days a week from mid-December. this is expected to be a permanent arrangement.

Negotiations have been completed with another doctor who will be available four full days a week from the 10th of December.

All avenues are being pursued to find other locums who may be available to assist during the interim changeover.

In the short term there may be some delay getting an appointment for non-urgent care, and your patience would be appreciated.

Any further questions or concerns please contact Amuri Health Centre.

Thank you for your patience during this time, Amuri Health Care Ltd and Amuri Health Care Board of Directors.