Skin Checks

Skin cancer is the most common cancer affecting New Zealanders.
Skin cancers are commonly put into two groups - melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer, with melanoma being the most dangerous.
See your doctor as soon as possible if you:
• see or feel something that's new on your skin
• see or feel something that’s different from other moles
• notice a mole that’s changed from the last time you checked - this could include a change in the colour, shape or size, or if it is bleeding or itchy.
Some skin cancers can spread very quickly, so noticing a change in your skin quickly (early detection) means that it's more likely to be treated successfully.
We offer full comprehensive skin checks for both enrolled and non-enrolled patients at a very reasonable rate. Please contact the Health Centre for an appointment or for more information.


We will be introducing a $30 bond fee when borrowing crutches, hopefully to encourage their return when no longer required, this will be refunded when they are brought back to the health centre. Unfortunately, we find we are often replacing them, so we can maintain our supply to the community when needed.
If you still have some that are no longer required, please return them to the Health Centre.
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