Canterbury’s COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

– update for Amuri Residents.

We’re pleased to say we’re opening a vaccination clinic at Amuri Community Health Centre.

Amuri Community Health Centre’s Covid Vaccination Clinics commence Wednesday 16th June.


We’ve had lots of questions about the COVID-19 vaccination and when you’ll be able to access it, so here’s an update….


In Amuri, as with the rest of Waitaha/Canterbury, we are currently prioritising vaccination of people in Group 1, Group 2 and a small number of people in Group 3.

  • Group 1 includes border and MIQ workers and their household contacts.

  • Group 2 includes frontline health workers, people working and living in long-term residential care, Māori and Pacific people aged 70 and over, the people they live with and their carers.

  • Group 3 includes people aged 65 and over, people with some underlying health conditions, pregnant people, and people with disabilities, older Māori and Pacific people, the people they live with and their carers.
  • There are more than 170,000 people in Group 3 in Canterbury. Because of this, we’re inviting people to book their vaccination appointments in stages.


If you’re in Group 3 and you haven’t been contacted to book your vaccination, you don’t need to do anything right now. We will contact you when it’s your turn. Please be patient.


When it is your turn to book an appointment, we will contact you directly to invite you to do so with instructions about how to book. This will be by text, email, letter or phone call. When we get to stage 4, the general public (the remaining population not in ‘at risk’ groups) this will be advertised in the local newsletter, on our website and on our Facebook page to invite the remaining community to book in for vaccination.


In the meantime, you can find out more about the vaccination programme, the vaccine, and about which group you’re in 

Amuri Community Health Centre
Covid-19 Vaccination Update
We have had a fantastic turnout for vaccination clinics which is really positive. Thank you for your patience as we navigate the paperwork and logistics with this vaccination rollout! We are pleased to be able to offer this vaccination service at our health centre and we are well under way with our vaccination and recall process.

ALL those over 65yrs + those with Chronic ‘at risk’ health conditions should now have been invited to book for vaccination. If you have received an invitation to book in, please contact us soon as clinics book out very quickly
If you have missed out on a text message or letter regards this and feel you should have been considered, please give us a call to let us know so we can discuss this further & book you in if appropriate.

We are now asking those aged 50 - 65yrs who are keen for Covid-19 vaccination to please contact us and register your interest for vaccination, as we often need to fill spaces in clinics or have left over vaccine, we can call you as and when these become available.
Thank you all for your ongoing support and enthusiasm.

Covid Update 29th July 2021

Today the Ministry of Health opened up eligibility for the next group - the over 60s.
Those aged over 60 years old are now eligible to book in for their vaccine and can do so by calling Amuri Community Health Centre.
We also invite those 50-60yrs to contact us to register their keenness for vaccination and be added to our waitlist. We will then contact you if space becomes available in our current clinics or if we have surplus vaccines

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