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As you are probably aware there are have been a few changes in structure & people involved with Amuri Health Care Ltd over the last year. We are pleased to let everyone know that we have turned a corner and are able to advise the community of the changes that have been happening. Please see the letter from our Board of Directors Chairperson advising the community of recent changes here at Amuri.
Thank you, Amuri Health.

Contact Details

Please can you contact reception if you have had a change of address or phone number.
We offer a text to remind service for appointments and contacts as a courtesy reminder.
If you have had a recent appointment and not received a text2remind please contact reception so this can be actioned.
Please note the text2remind is a backup reminder only, so we ask that you be responsible for taking note of your appointment at the time of booking.

Community Services Card (CSC)

If you have a current Community Service Card, please let reception know, so that the details can be updated.



To avoid running out of your medications, please make sure you check when they are next due and allow at least two weeks prior to that date, so that you have enough time to arrange an appointment to see the doctor and avoid disappointment.
All patients must be seen by the doctor every three months for repeat medication, unless otherwise indicated and documented by a doctor in the patients notes.
Occasionally it will be possible to organise a prescription over the telephone, these will incur a $15 fee and the prescription may take up to 48 hours to be generated, depending on the GPs workload.