Important Notice…
Please see the separate flow chart page to indicate how and where we will see patients here at the Health Centre for the foreseeable future.

Too many people are entering the health centre WITHOUT disclosing they have respiratory symptoms over the phone prior to booking their appointment.

REMEMBER it is VITAL that when you phone to make an appointment, ANY cough, cold, flu-like or throat symptoms are disclosed REGARDLESS of whether this is your primary concern or not.

We also NEED to know if you have been at a location of interest!
Entering the building with ANY of these is putting others and our staff at considerable risk.

We don’t want to have to lock the doors, but the health of our team is important and to be able to continue to provide our services to the community.
All patients WILL still be seen but informing us of these symptoms gives us the opportunity to see you in the appropriate place and to lower the risk to others and our staff.

Thanks, from the ACHC team.