Amuri Community Health Centre is a member of the Waitaha Primary Health Organisation  which provides funding, subsidised care and special programmes for enrolled patients.

Enrolling at the Amuri Community Health Centre is a quick and easy process which offers the following benefits:

  • Free GP & PN  consultations for children under 14 years
  • You will be eligible for reduced family doctor fees
  • Free sexual health visits for patients under 18 years of age (up to six visits)
  • Reduced cost when you need extended visits with the doctor because you have a mental health issue
  • Free EOL  appointments
  • Free childhood immunisations
  • Entry into women's health screening programmes
  • Free acute packages of care for extended treatment and observation when you present acutely to the practice
  • Continuity of Care, enabling safe and efficient health care
  • Free Maternity Health Care during the 1st Trimester and acute antenatal /postnatal care.

How to enrol

Download pdf-icon-45x46.png Enrolment-Form-2021.pdf

The enrolment process is very straight forward. Please visit or phone the Health Centre on  03 315 6328 and we will help you to complete an enrolment form. We will need proof of your New Zealand Citizenship - for example your passport.

Please note - 'non New Zealanders' require a valid two year visas to be eligible to enrol and receive discounted services.

If you are not eligible, we will be very happy to look after your health care needs, but unfortunately you will not receive subsidised fees.