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Meningococcal Vaccination

Attention all students, boarders and flatters!!!!

Are you aware that living in shared hostel/boarding environments can put you at much greater risk of developing Meningococcal disease??

Meningococcal vaccines are highly recommended for all teenagers and young adults in their first year of hostel accommodation, whether at Boarding School or Halls of Residence.

However, Meningococcal vaccination is available for ALL children but is not part of New Zealand’s funded Immunisation schedule.

Diagnosing and treating this disease is not easy. Awareness and prevention play a vital role in minimising cases and bettering outcomes.

Vaccination is available, providing protection against several NZ strains of the disease for up to 5 years before a second booster vaccination would be required.

Menactra is our meningococcal vaccine against the ACW & Y strains, the vaccine is effective for up to 5years. A second booster vaccine is recommended 3years after initial vaccination for children under 7 years.

Bexsero is our Meningococcal vaccine against the nasty B strain, requiring 2 vaccines 4-8 weeks apart to give best immunity.

These vaccines are available at, and recommended by, Amuri Community Health Centre, Menactra and Bexero is FREE for those in the high-risk groups (boarders, students, flatters etc.)

Please do call to discuss this further, ask any questions or to book in for vaccination.

NB – The MeNZB vaccination programme between 2004 and 2008 only provided short term protection against group B strain during the epidemic and offers NO other protection against other strains.

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