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Mirena IUD

A reminder to all ladies that the Mirena became fully subsidised by Pharmac on 1 November 2019.

Mirena is an IUD for long term contraception and is considered the gold standard for birth control as well as management of other Gynaecological issues.

Mirena devices are now free (previously $320!) and last 4-5yrs. A consultation is required to discuss the device, implications and insertion procedure as well as to prescribe the Mirena.

The insertion fee is then $145 and is scheduled a few days after the initial consultation. If you think this may be an option for you or you would like further information, please give the nurses a call or book an appointment to discuss with the GP.


Dr Elaine Harvey

Dr Elaine Harvey is returning to Amuri Community Health Centre from Monday 2nd March until Thursday 5th of March to run a special Women’s Health clinic, specifically Mirena/IUD insertions and Menopause/HRT consultations. Please contact Amuri Health Centre to arrange appointments or to discuss further with the nurse as these appointments are limited.

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